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Help & Info about Adobe Photoshop CS6 update for windows

  • Will I have to pay to download the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update?

    Once you have already installed Adobe Photoshop, there is no charge to download this software patch. Please note that you should always visit the official website in order to obtain the most reliable version.
  • What is the total file size of the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update?

    This file will require 27.39 megabytes of free hard drive space. If you are concerned that you might not have the necessary memory, it could be wise to perform a disk clean-up in order to liberate the required space.
  • Do I need to have Photoshop before downloading this Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update?

    This update will NOT install Adobe Photoshop directly onto your computer. In other words, you will need to have the correct version of Photoshop present in order for the update to be recognised and to take effect.
  • Is the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update compatible with Windows 10 operating systems?

    As Adobe Photoshop CS6 was not designed to be used with Windows 10 systems, the update is likewise incompatible. It is prudent to visit the Adobe website in order to learn which upgrades will apply to Windows 10 users.
  • What bugs does the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update address?

    There are numerous issues which this software will rectify. Some examples include eliminating freezing when editing an image, more integrated 3D functionality and the correction of some minor security flaws.
  • Will I need to reinstall Photoshop after downloading the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update?

    Once the update has completed, it will not be necessary to reinstall your version of Adobe Photoshop. However, it is likely that you will need to restart the program in order for changes to come into effect.
  • Can Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update be used to upgrade more than one Photoshop account?

    Legally speaking, a user is allowed to install Photoshop on a total of two different devices. It therefore stands to reason that this update can be applied to a maximum of two Photoshop accounts.
  • Can I save Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update onto an external hard drive?

    In the event that you desire a backup or you wish to transfer this update to another computer, it can be saved to an external storage device. You will be prompted to enter the destination during the installation process and this is when you will be able to choose an external location (such as a memory stick).
  • Is this Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update compatible with other versions of Photoshop?

    As the name suggests, this update has been engineered to only work with Adobe Photoshop CS6 bundles. Different upgrades can be found by searching the official Adobe website.
  • Is Adobe Photoshop CS6 Update free from viruses and spyware?

    This official update has been developed by Adobe and thoroughly tested in order to make certain that there are no security flaws or similar threats present within its architecture. This is also why downloading an official copy is essential in terms of the safety of your operating system.


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